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Solstice Offerings


This is a 8 week divine feminine activation journey to reclaim the wild, witchy and wise aspects of your femininity you deeply long to express and unleash. Imagine feeling connected to your sacred sensuality and feeling confident in your body. Would you like to self-source your feminine magnetic power? Imagine feeling aligned to your intuitive cycles, wild rhythms and emotions, supported by the permission of your feminine intelligence, to confidently co-create and magnetise a life of your desires in a pleasureful, prayerful way.

"I'm ready to Prioritise My femininity, My Body & Receptivity To Cultivate  a life Of Pleasure, Purpose & Radiance."

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The SorceresS

the sorceress course

8 week divine feminine activation course

An Angelic Priestess is a feminine northern star shining light on Earth to bridge HEAVEN here now. Your here because you are powerful light-worker, who carries a mission in her heart to activate and uplift humanity. Most of us sense this, but the real challenge is merging our spiritual gifts into tangible practical form. Perhaps you have been wanting to anchor your gifts for awhile now, and feel the urge to crystallise your visions into a practice,  but have no idea how to bridge the gap. Well the good news is I've created an angelic priestess toolkit for you to help you anchor your gifts and get you started.

"Im ready to Activate my Spiritual Toolkit  and Become A priestess To create heaven on earth"

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angelic priestess

"I am willing to reclaim the golden age priestess I came here to be, and rise as the queen of heaven, to empower millions of women through my sacred mission "

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1:1 private mentorship

            planetary priestess mentorship    

This is for the big hearted queens who are ready to embrace their next level visionary self. This is a quantum spiritual transformation, held inside a private VIP container, encompassed with limitless divine feminine teachings to assist you in your rise beyond safe, small and contracted and into the leading edge planetary priestess you were born to be in this world. Your mission and magick is waiting to be seen Queen! I am calling forth the queens and priestesses who feel a summoning force beckoning them to transmute decades of ancestral  trauma connected to the divine feminine; her innate power, sexuality, divine birthright and womb portal for creative abundance. The time to claim your throne in sovereign leadership is here queen, the golden age is upon us, and you have been called into your sacred service here on earth. I cannot wait to guide you and see what we creatrix inside this sacred container together.

Client Love


" She held space with such love. It tremendously helped me to accept the femininity as a strength, where I had seen it as weakness and had shoved it in a corner not to be seen or heard. When in fact as Astraya explained; our femininity is a gift. Astraya's teaching has become the voice that pulls me up and brings me back when I lapse to my old way of thinking that I inherited for many years to 'protect' my self from the unknown"
~ Katerina

" I was at a particularly difficult point in my life. the impact she has had on me has been phenomenal.  She was instrumental in providing me with love and support, and a safe space to work through the beginning of my spiritual journey.  Astraya is an energetic and loving being with the purest and highest of intentions to raise society's vibrations through her uplifting and positive teachings.
~ Suk

"  There are hardly words that encompass what it means to work with Astraya, because it exists refreshingly beyond the mind and deeply seated in the heart. Just to witness her own courage is to heal. Pure essence, divine, present, playful and constant."
~ Maria

" Astraya naturally works from a place of love, and intuitively knows how to move around many of the feelings that are deemed uncomfortable or untouchable. She helped to create a space for me that was safe, and I am very grateful for her dedication to her work. I am inspired everyday by the work we did in the temple and I love to incorporate many of the things I learnt, in my own spiritual practices."
~ Skye

" Astraya has a beautiful soft yet firm spirit and you immediately feel her energy, warm demeanor and presence the moment you walk in a room with her. She has a gift of healing and nurturing."
~ Megan

" There are a select few who touch your life in the most meaningful way. After meeting them their souls will leave an imprint in your heart and from them you will never be the same. These people you call your Earth Angels. You are mine Astraya"
~ Carol