My medicine journey began very young; at the age of 2 and half years old, when I faced a near, life death experience; and as unpredictable and tragic as it was, I cannot tell you why this happened to me, but what I can share with you is that it opened my heart and soul to multi-dimensional levels, and connected me to the most brightest of light beings and angels that taught me the purest reflection of unconditional love and otherworldly realities. It was life changing. Tragic and beautiful all in one breath. And it turns out that this NDE became a crucial, pivotal factor for who and why I am the way I am today. It drew a curtain open for what's truly possible, it taught that I could live in two worlds at once, and that I was always supported to a benevolent kingdom of heavenly light. I'm also pretty certain that I would not have catapulted as deeply as I did so young into spiritual and metaphysical studies, had I not have endured such an intense trial in my early life. I believe this is the reason for why I can hold an extremely safe and healing frequency within the containers and programs I create for my clients today.

The divine feminine didn't truly anchor for me until years later in my early twenties, after surrendering to an undeniable anointing call to step out of the comfort zone I was in. I couldn't ignore life anymore, everything felt flat and I knew I was dimming my light to fit in. At age 18, I remember looking down on myself and my life in sheer discontent. I was unhappy with my day job as a massage therapist, I was secretly chasing my dream to land a dance role in the theatre and performance world. But nothing felt right, I kept hitting doors of rejection. So I began to turn inward and face my unanswered questions, my unfulfilled desires, and my fear of belonging, because I felt like an alien in my own home town, from being bullied and outcasted in many ways at school. I often would disconnect and shut down and check out of my body, which later resulted in a lack of confidence, as I questioned and doubted who I even was. Aside all of the above, there was always this little light inside me that kept flickering like a star high up amidst the pitch black night, whispering to me "your born with a big mission to serve on a huge collective level Astraya, please don't forget this". This vision felt huge, I would have vibrant rainbow like dreams of our new earth, and I just knew I needed to explore what this meant, I had to uncover what home truly meant for me.

 In 2006, I set out on a worldly soul quest in prayer of satiating these ancient longing desires in my heart. My travels were full of multi-cultural colour, texture and depth, unlocking hidden creative gifts within me, that I didn't even know was there.  I explored an array of artistic, healing modalities, that within only a short few years spirituality became the alter and centre of my life. I certified in yoga, and developed my own yoga-dance practice. I studied alongside ritual temple dancers. I also became a certified nutritional health coach, and set up my spiritual practice. I became a certified reiki master and crystal healer, and holistic massage therapist. My gift and love for Dance took on a whole ritualistic meaning and expanded to another dimension, as I explored its formation and artistry, from the empowering lens of sacred feminine embodiment.

Within this time frame I became familiar with the term Priestess, and holy Goddess, this is where I truly discovered the deep embodied eternal seat of my womb, my intuition and my lineage. My whole being felt struck with truth shivers, I deeply and completely felt home from within me for the first time, I was saturated in a holy presence, where nothing felt left out. SHE held all of me, in an ancient remembrance from the stars, to the crown of my head, to my feet, and down into the deep belly womb of the earth.  And so from that day forward, I devoted my entire life to the Priestess Path. 

 And aside the educational trainings I received along the way, it was the divine feminine that terrified and simultaneously fulfilled me the most, because within her, I had hidden my greatest power, therefore she has called me home to liberate and fulfil HER destiny. It was always where I felt the closest to God.  My body vibrated when in worship to HER. I learned alongside profound High priestesses and gifted Feminine Leaders. It felt like God sent me into the Temple to shadow and study alongside these magnificent medicine woman. There were shamans of Peru and Hawaii and Mexico. I unlocked decades of rampant shame and trauma, connected to my lineage as a medicine woman, and priestess. And as much as it was scary to re-visit these memories locked in my body, it was so integral for my own purification and self-healing journey. I find it humbling to remain a student, it's very grounding for me, and I alway remain a student, because the student cannot exist without the teacher and vice versa.

Today my mission is devoted to Priestess path and initiating Women into her Sovereign Divinity, Sexual Birthright and Sacred Expression, through the mysterious reclamation of the cosmic womb mysteries and sacred heart journey. I am committed to co - creating a global sisterhood collective, that together leaves behind a priestess legacy as ancient as the stars, for the guardianship over the crystalline, womb template of Gaia. Together from womb to womb, we co-liberate the divine feminine consciousness, and re-code 'divine union' back into the heart template of humanity.

I have designed courses, mentorships, and trainings to transmute patriarchal conditioning, with liberated womb and heart centred leadership that I believe is designed to shift the trajectory of our lives and earth. The liberated feminine has been born, and the codes of the priestess are on fire to birth a new paradigm. 

In loving memory for creating Heaven On Earth,

I Offer My Reverence & Gratitude To God & Goddess, The Angelic Realm, Our Star Ancestors & Heavenly Guides

With Love & Devotion,

My Story

COSMIC facts

about me

I am a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon &  Ascendant Leo & North Node Leo!

I am a life path number  11. The 11 life path journey is a gateway. Most psychics, mystics and visionaries choose this life path, because it calls for ascension and cultivating spiritual balance for creating heaven on earth. Although this life path has taken every inch of my soul to anchor,  I couldn't have chosen a more fulfilling life path even if I had tried! 

I was born with a natural talent for the stage. I used to sing and dance in the mirror as early as 4 years old lol.  I've  landed many leading roles  in musical theatre and TV.  I've also travelled internationally as a creative performer as a salsa dancer and  fire dancer for many years.

Upon moving to my atlantean oasis in Bermuda, where I now live. I fell in love with the mesmerising beaches and ocean and became re-attuned to my ancient mermaid soul. My love for mermaids and the ocean naturally lead me into hosting exclusive fantasea performances for children. When I'm NOT on land,  you can call me Saphire :-)

Since I was 3 years old I have been communicating  with ANGELS. I remember my first encounter to this day. I feel touched, blessed and protected by these benevolent beings. They infuse my foundation with crystal light and are my guiding saving grace.

I am obsessed with horses! I used to paint and draw horses when I was a young girl.  I received my wish of owning my own horse at 28 years old when a friend of a friend loaned me her horse in exchange for groom and care support! Lucky Surprise for me!

 From very young I've had a natural ability to communicate with animals. To me Animals are Angels sent to Earth. I have many allies amongst the animal  kingdom supporting my light service here on Earth. Hummingbird, Phoenix, Peacock, Tiger, Dolphin & Pegasus are some of them.

  Welcome planetary Priestess Of The golden Age!