Place one hand to your heart and one hand to your womb and take an orgasmic breath into your luscious body.  I invite you to close your eyes and IMAGINE your infinite potential, and say aloud with me: ' It is safe for me to see, feel and enter the quantum realms of my future self'.  See yourself leading and serving humanity as a new paradigm leader, fully grounded and illuminated in your mission, lit on purpose, claiming your destiny, shining your light unapologetically...

 >> Just breathe that in for a moment<< 

The feminine simply knows, listen for her whispers, her cries and her roars. Let your body guide you rather than you guide it :-)

 I'm delighted to welcome the next generation of golden age priestesses to dive deep with me in 2021. These Priestesses are CHOSEN to lead from the heart and inspire a heart centred, legacy of light for our future daughters. Say goodbye to outworn patriarchy and hello future feminine. If embodying yourself as a priestess in sacred leadership is calling you to the next level and contributing to humanity in bigger waves than where you are now electrifies every cell of your goddess being...

This mentorship is designed quantum for big hearted queens with a dream and mission to guide and raise the collective vibration of the planet.

 This is a high level commitment/ investment for the queens who are super devoted to their evolution.

At age 2 and half years old, I encountered a near death experience that allowed me to recall my soul origins, aswell as accelerate my spiritual connection and psychic awareness of creation and energy from a multi-dimensional intelligence. Although this NDE was nothing less of traumatic, it proved to be pivotal in catapulting my ascension process and to this day holds tremendous grit and foundation in helping me to hold and anchor the high vibrational safe containers I create for my clients, programs and trainings.

Furthermore my initiation into the divine feminine didn't really land for me until years later in my early twenties, after following a deep desire to explore my soul identity. After pondering over many unanswered questions and feeling estranged, dis-connected and an uncertainty around belonging to the dimensions of the physical earth plane, it lead me on a soul quest to seek solitude and peace and my connection to god, my (so called) identity and the path I was meant to serve. I dove very deep into the fertile womb of and cleared myself from everything that I was once taught and everything I knew, it was a deeply purifying and liberating process.

What kept fuelling me was this deep knowing that I travelled a very, very long way to be here, and that I simply knew I was born to 'create versus follow'. I felt designed to innovate versus settle, and it felt more true to my nature to serve versus consume. I will never forget my 17th birthday; and being met by a powerful council of Archangels within the Kingdom Of Heaven....pointing to my northern star - meaning guiding me to my next destination...this is just one example of many of these encounters.

"I remember waking up in the middle of the night to my bedsheets full of tears, I had been sobbing uncontrollably throughout the night,
That feeling upon waking when you feel like your here in spirit but haven't quite yet landed in body,
Illuminated by liquid gold, a halo cocoons you in the most prismatic, unconditional love and compassion,
The deepest love, the greatest joy, and within seconds, everything changed, 
Nothing comes close to this love,
And the GOD MAP written before you were born,
 You cannot mess with it, you cannot control or force it,
You can only surrender to it and be in full servitude,
From here on I had to become faith, and let faith move me
This was the beginning of no end"

Upon completing several years of school in massage therapy, beauty therapy and attending university for dance and art studies, I finally escaped the matrix. In 2006, I packed my bags to embark on a soul seeking adventure around the globe. Fifteen plus years later I am immersed upon a spiritual pilgrimage packed with esoteric knowledge including; yoga, mystical temple dance, feminine embodiment, priestess teachings, tantra, quantum metaphysics, plant medicine, crystal and angelic healing, numerology, astrology, holistic coaching, wellness and nutrition and the list goes there is no end to this path...only continuous evolution.

 Meanwhile the divine feminine kept howling at me in the woods in the far distance. And not by chance, but by purpose, destiny intervened through coming into direct communion with extraordinary feminine leaders, priestess queens that were literal mirrors for the journey unfolding. I was fortunate to work with Peruvian Shamans & Hawaiian Healers that helped me understand my spiritual power as a medicine woman, and how my vessel was to be a chalice not to be disrespected or abused.

Today I have attuned my vessel and life with foundational ritual in worship to the feminine, that is rooted with embodiment practices that not only support my dharma, yet more importantly support my vitality and my creative life force energy. I stand for pure energetic hygiene and feminine embodiment that has become a devotional daily ritual. Through this deep feminine work I have cleared multiple past lives, embedded of ancestral karma and trauma and deepened my connection to my Body and Earth that has naturally evolved into a magnetic feminine heart leadership that I now share with women globally. My purpose is to empower the feminine collective and re-build the crystalline womb template to liberate feminine consciousness and bring union and love back to the heart of humanity and the earth. I have created mentorships and programs that firstly shed, transmute and transform patriarchal conditioning and replace it with soft yet strong embodied heart based leadership which I believe our world strongly craves and needs right now. I devoted to holding and guiding women through emotional breakthroughs to embody pleasure and liberation so  her light and power is no longer a threat to be feared, and more embraced to be carried forth in sovereign justice and service to raising the vibration of our planet

In Love, Respect, Honour &  Gratitude To My Angelic Support Team, Spirit Allies & Guides Below 
Thank You...
Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Mother Mary, The Angelic Kingdom, Mother Earth, The Elementals, The Animal Kingdom, Our Ancestors, Christ Light, My Star Family, Brothers + Sistars for supporting me.

It Is My Devoted Honour To Birth Heaven On Earth With You Sistar

With Cosmic Love,


I Am The visionary Creatress Of Sistars Of light 

A divine Feminine Leadership That I created To re - Awaken Women To their unique purpose, medicine and magic &Innate Reconnection to The cosmic womb Of Gaia, for birthing Our new golden Age & crystalline earth

I Am A Divine Feminine Facilitator, Feminine Embodiment Guide, Medicine Bridge, Shamanic Healer & Oracle 

"I believe our unwillingness to feel raw emotion is our root cause of suffering, and it is from
 the gateway
 of the heart
 that always leads us home"

My Journey

Dear Sistar,

Your A Mystic, Healer, Oracle, Medicine Woman, leader, creatrix & Your Born To Birth Heaven Here On Earth!

Do you feel a deep calling to heal and serve millions of  magickal women who are here to birth a new paradigm just like yourself? I know your here for BIG things, perhaps your overwhelmed by your own power and creation and question the how and why behind bringing your sacred feminine biz to life.  Ugggghhhh - I've been there and know what this feels like :-(  and its NOT fun! This is why I know I am destined for helping women tap into even way more untapped expansion inside of you, because I stayed small for so long! I also know that 99.9% of women deny their full divinity and feminine power and sovereign worth because its so fucking magnificent and holy. So Sistar, let me remind you, because I am here to empower you to dream even BIGGER and desire even more WILDER. It's safe now to share ALL OF YOU. Are you tired of showing up a certain way for society? Are you tired of dimming and containing your emeralds and pearls ? Are you tired of questioning who you are? No more holding it all together on our own Sistar! This is the 1:1 divine feminine mentorship you've been dreaming of from pregnancy to birth, your vision will be held from beginning to infinity, as you walk the path of  the golden age priestess that you came here to be!

i know what it feels like to never fit into societies box. I know you came here to remember your gifts and raise the collective vibration of this planet. Do you know the true power you hold? Do you know you are apart of a feminine rising collective of Isis and Magdalene? Are you willing to leave your old world behind for the new world you long to dream your next planetary priestess leader self into?

If your a fully body YES...I'm  here to usher you out of the safe and comfortable into your quantum edge of  genius and self- mastery. Lets birth your sacred creation together, lets amplify your orgasmic nectar. Lets illuminate your gifts and cast moon spells and magick which suspend time and space, where you root to rise  your legacy of light throughout generations to come. Mmmmm just read that again? :-)  If your ready to quantum jump with me..keep reading below :-)

Welcome Beautiful!

Are you ready to fully embrace your dharma, souls evolution and vision the goddess has placed upon your heart? Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? Are you willing to transform from victim into victor and GO ALL IN? I invite you to take a deep breath and leap with me. Welcome to the future paradigm priestess leader you came here to be. Please fill out my application process below for my 1:1 mentorship.
Once I have received I will invite you to connect via a video chat so we can get a better feel if we are aligned and if this is the right path for you
 :-) xoxxo

Your embodied mission is the opening, let's plant your dream mission sistar and re-write your legacy of light 
With Devotion,



3 Months Private Mentorship

COSMIC facts

about me

I am a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon &  Ascendant Leo & North Node Leo!

I am a life path number  11. The 11 life path journey is a gateway. Most psychics, mystics and visionaries choose this life path, because it calls for ascension and cultivating spiritual balance for creating heaven on earth. Although this life path has taken every inch of my soul to anchor,  I couldn't have chosen a more fulfilling life path even if I had tried! 

I was born with a natural talent for the stage. I used to sing and dance in the mirror as early as 4 years old lol.  I've  landed many leading roles  in musical theatre and TV.  I've also travelled internationally as a creative performer as a salsa dancer and  fire dancer for many years.

Upon moving to my atlantean oasis in Bermuda, where I now live. I fell in love with the mesmerising beaches and ocean and became re-attuned to my ancient mermaid soul. My love for mermaids and the ocean naturally lead me into hosting exclusive fantasea performances for children. When I'm NOT on land,  you can call me Saphire :-)

Since I was 3 years old I have been communicating  with ANGELS. I remember my first encounter to this day. I feel touched, blessed and protected by these benevolent beings. They infuse my foundation with crystal light and are my guiding saving grace.

I am obsessed with horses! I used to paint and draw horses when I was a young girl.  I received my wish of owning my own horse at 28 years old when a friend of a friend loaned me her horse in exchange for groom and care support! Lucky Surprise for me!

 From very young I've had a natural ability to communicate with animals. To me Animals are Angels sent to Earth. I have many allies amongst the animal  kingdom supporting my light service here on Earth. Hummingbird, Phoenix, Peacock, Tiger, Dolphin & Pegasus are some of them.

  Welcome planetary Priestess Of The golden Age!