1;1 prieestess Mentorship

Your Priestess Legacy Awaits...

This Is For My Priestesses, Healers, Medicine Woman, Entrepreneurs, Light Workers Who Feel Born To Do Things Differently, Birth A new paradigm & Leave Their legacy Of Love!

Do you feel a call to crack the code of your soul gifts and medicine woman power?

Do you long to truly know what your here to birth and bring into this world?

Do you feeling passionate about priestessing a new paradigm into manifestation, by the power of your womb, medicine and magick?

I know your here for BIG things Sis!

I also know how overwhelming, terrifying and isolating it can be to birth your most meaningful artistry and creative heart leadership into the world?

Along with navigating how the online world works, as you step into entrepreneurship as a priestess, healer, light worker and medicine woman.

Giving birth to a soul creation can be scary AF, especially in the beginning, you feel wobbly and you have to move through all the icky, gooey fears, feeling shitty and borderline wanting to cave and give up.

 This is why I have designed a priestess container to support you and hold you from conception, through to contraction and the acts of labour.

This space is a full on medicine journey of creative pregnancy to actualisation of your legacy.

If I had known the jewels of what mentorship meant for me back then I would have signed years ago, and I would have hired a badass, magnetic queen-embodied, feminine mentor.

I was my own worst enemy in the early parts of my business,

I rotted in contraction, imposter syndrome ate me alive, while I kept repeating patterns of self-sabotage and paralysis; I wasted a whole decade trying to figure it out all out my own.

And I see now how my programs would have been filled, toxic lovers would have been cleared, my boundaries redefined with energetic sovereignty, my yes and no,  a clear discerning sword of truth, if I had said yes to mentorship

I share this part of my story with you openly, because I want you to know I am NOT perfect, I have been where you are, and still face my own challenges, which is why serving women means so much to me, because I truly believe in your mission

I want to be that stand in preventing you from going the long, drawn out isolated journey I took,

I want to shine a light on your gifts,, and celebrate your calling, that will ease your out of burnout and suffering and transmute you into a magnetic primal priestess on a mission to normalise feminine leaders receiving massive income whilst praying and playing, this gets to be our genius breakthrough.

I want to speak into the investment part because I recognise and relate to the blocks women have around receiving in general.

I was one of them, the truth is women epigenetically remember and relate pleasure with pain and death, because to bring light to their bodies, gifts and medicine meant putting their own lives and loved ones at risk. This was actually a thing many years ago, women who associated with pleasureful acts were seen as sinful and dirty, and they were even stoned to death.

  Fortunately, times have now changed, and we are now seeing and witnessing big healing around this persecution wound take place.

Holy goddess yes, this gives me chills because investing in mentorship collapses time sis, when we receive help we quantum accelerate our transformation, leadership and soul ascends at rapid speed.

 I'm here to help you lift the weight of these patterns that aren't even yours babe, and release the stuck self-sabotaging patterns, from hiding behind your gifts to bravely propelling you into the mystery of your legacy that you are here to leave behind for future generations to come.

This 1:1 priestess mentorship is one of my greatest offerings being that every step of the way, you have my devoted presence and intuitive lazer beam coaching mirroring everything that comes between you and your greatest masterpiece yet

Welcome Beautiful!

Do you feel called to dig deeper into the soul essence your calling, mission and evolution?

Are you ready to say YES to the BIG vision goddess has placed upon your heart?

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

Are you willing to RECEIVE support versus succumbing to being the lone wolf doing it all on your own?

 Are you done being the victim and now wish to claim victory and success by going ALL IN on your dreams?

 If you have been wanting to work with me in a 1:1 capacity to receive myself as your personal priestess midwife to hold you through your breakdowns into breakthroughs, then listen up Queen!

Welcome to the future paradigm priestess leader you came here to be.

If your down to get multi-dimensional with me amidst a juicy medicine ceremonial container that expands your heart and your leadership in the world, then my 1:1 Priestess Mentorship is for you.

Claim your destiny and click the application link below my babe!

I am honoured to be here as your midwife for taking your dreams and visions to the next level!

With love,



Is This You?

COSMIC facts

about me

I am a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon &  Ascendant Leo & North Node Leo!

I am a life path number  11. The 11 life path journey is a gateway. Most psychics, mystics and visionaries choose this life path, because it calls for ascension and cultivating spiritual balance for creating heaven on earth. Although this life path has taken every inch of my soul to anchor,  I couldn't have chosen a more fulfilling life path even if I had tried! 

I was born with a natural talent for the stage. I used to sing and dance in the mirror as early as 4 years old lol.  I've  landed many leading roles  in musical theatre and TV.  I've also travelled internationally as a creative performer as a salsa dancer and  fire dancer for many years.

Upon moving to my atlantean oasis in Bermuda, where I now live. I fell in love with the mesmerising beaches and ocean and became re-attuned to my ancient mermaid soul. My love for mermaids and the ocean naturally lead me into hosting exclusive fantasea performances for children. When I'm NOT on land,  you can call me Saphire :-)

Since I was 3 years old I have been communicating  with ANGELS. I remember my first encounter to this day. I feel touched, blessed and protected by these benevolent beings. They infuse my foundation with crystal light and are my guiding saving grace.

I am obsessed with horses! I used to paint and draw horses when I was a young girl.  I received my wish of owning my own horse at 28 years old when a friend of a friend loaned me her horse in exchange for groom and care support! Lucky Surprise for me!

 From very young I've had a natural ability to communicate with animals. To me Animals are Angels sent to Earth. I have many allies amongst the animal  kingdom supporting my light service here on Earth. Hummingbird, Phoenix, Peacock, Tiger, Dolphin & Pegasus are some of them.

  Welcome planetary Priestess Of The golden Age!