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I envision a new earth, restored of healthy masculine and feminine inner union, where we are fiercely preserving the crystalline womb grid of Gaia, and creatrixing from the wealth of our overflowing wombs & hearts. I am passionate about co-weaving a Global Feminine Leadership, resourced of love, unity and sovereignty. I'm here to initiate the modern day Priestesses and Feminine Leaders of the awakening Aquarian Age. If this is you, you know you're here for more, and you've been called to create and inspire BIG legacy in the world. Women whose hearts are made of bold lioness courage, who are daring and devoted to their mission. Fearless in focus, committed to tearing down patriarchal, oppression and suppression of wounded feminine programming. No more throat locking and hiding. Your voice is needed and your time to RISE is NOW. It's time to emerge from your cave queen, it's time to re-claim your birthright and lead from embodied, liberated, on-purpose expression.

Our planet needs you empowered, liberated, and fully radiant in your power and purpose, where your dripping in godly prayer. Women who are creating from juicy overflow, versus hustling from depletion and burnout. 

I'm here to hold you through your darkest pain to your most ecstatic breakthroughs, as you birth your biggest dreams into the world. You have chosen to be here on earth, during the biggest time/matrix collapse in history. I believe that 5D leadership is REQUIRED of US, to build and sustain the new earth template of golden wealth awakening.

This is BIG work, that WE deserve to not move through alone! Welcome to prosperous, overflow beauty, where you become the CEO of your life, inclusive of ALL you, ALL of me, and abundantly births the NEW US. You're born as the Earth Angel you are, to build the lighthouses for your family and communities.  Lets re-write the healed and well stories of your ancestors and become the NEW ANCESTOR FREE.

I dare you to resurrect with me and rise as a Priestess of the Golden Age?
Are you ready to take up space and claim your queendom here on earth?
If YES, it is an honour to walk beside YOU, as your priestess guide.

I cannot wait to see what we CO-CREATE together,

Our Temple doors are open for you Queen....

See you on the inside :-)

I'm Astraya!

My Creations

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Welcome Beauty!

 Angelic Priestess, Medicine Healer & Oracle


  Welcome planetary Priestess Of The golden Age!