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I am here to initiate the medicine women, mystics, priestesses, mid-wives, leaders, stars seeds, light workers, soulful feminine leaders whose hearts are as big as the ocean, and are on mission to slay and transmute everything from their stories of fear and shame, to channeling their medicine and gifts for priestessing the golden age new paradigm and living a f*** yes life. I help you unleash yourself from isolation and contraction into brave leadership, ecstatic expression and liberated embodied visibility.

The patriarchal days of feminine repression are over queens, it's time to step out of your cave and into your creatrix calling. My own death and rebirth priestess journey has gifted me the codes of mid-wife, shaman, medicine woman and angelic guiding oracle. I am devoted to re-balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine consciousness, and fiercely preserving the crystalline womb grid of Gaia.  So this message is for the future priestesses of a new paradigm, with a vision rooted in a legacy of love that transforms fear systemic leadership, rooted in greed and power into heart & womb centric leadership rooted in love, unity and sovereignty. Our planet needs you empowered and liberated queen. It's your birthright to be dripping in prayer, pleasure, power and play, to move from ease and abundance versus pushing and striving from scarcity. I am going to lead you into a magnetic feminine heart leadership, which means you opting out of the matrix into a new timeline, that is inclusive of all you, all of me, and births the new us.

My prayer is that you creatrix from overflow, you talk about what is not being talked about, you imprint on the hearts that need your medicine and legacy the most, you open closed doors, without ushering a word, because god sent you in there. You treat your body like the shimmering temple that she is, you honour your heart as the eternal compass of your magdalene flame, your sexuality drips in orgasmic chills of divine truth. You go first, and lead as the lighthouse for your community. You re-write the healed and well stories of your ancestors that they couldn't themselves.

I dare you to resurrect your priestess flame with me sis, if you landed here on my page, my sense is that it's time to take up bigger space than you've allowed yourself to ever imagine.

I'm honoured to be your guide, and I'm so excited to get to know you better.

See you on the inside :-)

I'm Astraya!

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Welcome Goddess!

Feminine Embodied Leader, Medicine Woman,
Shamanic Guide& Angelic Priestess


  Welcome planetary Priestess Of The golden Age!