A                      JOURNEY TO            YOUR divine feminine, for CREATing the life YOU

welcome to

Welcome Beautiful Woman,

  have you Hidden Your Femininity From Yourself & The World?
Have You silenced Your emotions?
have you doubted your intuition?
Have you shamed Your sexuality?
Have You Hidden your Gifts & Magick?
do you feel Numb or disconnected to Your Body?
 Do you deny yourself from receiving pleasure & Abundance?

Would you like to feel more Connected & confident in Your Body & Trusting Of Your Emotions?
can you imagine a life feeling 1000% supported & held & in integrity With The energetics of your Feminine?
Versus Feeling Over-worked, Depleted & worn out From the imBalances of an Overly Driven Masculine World?
Would you like to feel seen & empowered Alongside a tribe of conscious women who simply vibe & get each other & move through their own breakthroughs together?
 Imagine what it would feel like in your body to reclaim pleasure As Your Natural Birthright?
imagine how you would move in the world if you felt liberated & Confident to be all of you?

if you answered yes to the above, I'm Elated & Excited your here Sistar!

Like you, I once lived In Slumber, Disconnected & Mis-Trusting Of My Inner Feminine,
 until i was called to serve something bigger than me, 
this is when i began to Re-member the lost & forgotten fragments inside me,
this is when i realised my creatrix source Energy & my life changed drastically,
 The Sorceress Was born Out Of my own alchemical & Healing transformation

what is A sorceress?
Shorter meaning: She Whom Sources Sacred Energy From Creation/ Source Itself 
 the Truth Is You Were Never disconnected To The Feminine, She's Been Waiting Inside Of You All Along...
I've spent the Last 15+ years Studying, Creating & Dancing With Divine feminine energy,
 What i have learned is That the Divine feminine is feared by many, because of the immense power she holds,
the truth is we did not come here to Suppress, silence & shame HER,
 we came here to Un-become Every Sick Wound of Indoctrination, Naming the FEMININE Taboo, Dirty & Sinful,
Collectively We Are Being initiated Through The Dark night of the soul,
to reclaim The Buried Fragments Of Our Soul,
i believe The feminine plays a hUGE role in this Initiation.
she is here to lead humanity Out of fear, greed & Power Back To heart of love
When We Are Connected To The Heart We can re-balance True union Here On Earth -healthy masculine and healthy feminine union.

The Sorceress Is An Initiation Into Un-becoming All That You Are not.
She is Here to Lead You out of Insecurity Into Confidence.
 She Is Here To transmute Your shame into Pleasure.
She is Here To Re-direct you back To Yourself.
To Guide you To Self Source Your Creative Power Versus Out-Source & Give Away
Leaving you Feeling Empty & Needy For False Love & Approval 
She Will Awaken Your Magick & Your Innate Born Medicine.
She Will Remind You It is safe to Be all Of you
So You Can Shine Your Feminine light unapologetically. 
She will rekindle Your Fire To Bring All Of You Back online
 She will Slay your Self Sabotaging Patterns Keeping You small & blocked From Your purpose.

She Will bring you To your Knees Until You Confront All Of Your Wounds.
she Will Open Your Body as The pleasure Portal of your Creative Abundance.
She Will Shake you out of Numbness Until You Feel your Own Chills Of truth.
She Will tear down all the Faulty Systems In Your World,
 The decades Of programming that have Taught You success must only be achieved,
through Countless Acts Of Doing: 'I must do this to achieve x, y z',
this is a shadow masculine Way of manifesting,
This approach Relies on one Side of The Pendulum (Yang).
success does not live outside of you.
this is a patriarchal illusion. 
the sorceress is Not Here To Tear Down The Wounded Masculine.
she invites you To become Your own Inner king.
 She is Devoted To the masculine just as She is the feminine.
Unity is her Birthright,
her mission is to Support you integrating the masculine and feminine within,
 so you can be open to receive the blessings of inner Union

and lastly she reminds you, that you Are The Answer & You are Radically Worthy Of everything you ever wanted & MORE....

 let me show you how to magnetise & sorceress Your Feminine Radiance In The World!




The Sorceress is your permission slip to reclaim your birthright as a sacred woman of spiritual, healing power and radiant light. Awaken your divinity inside a magickal temple, come and explore your inner mystic, and inner wild and intuitive primal pleasures and so much more!

receive lifetime access to feminine Activation practices that will unlock Your sexual Energy, Radiance & Magnetism.

Wondering what's


Receive LIFETIME ACCESS to endless tools + practices  +  recordings to activate the full dimensionality of your  femininity to magnetise pleasure, purpose, abundance and play across all areas of life! 

Safe Healing Circle & Private Pleasure Temple

Printable Sorceress Workbook -  An Interactive Journal Prompt Workbook To Process All The Rituals & Content

LIVE  Shamanic Journeying, Magick Rituals, Ancestral Womb Clearing, Sexual Sovereignty, Sensual Dance Activation &  DF Light Transmissions & More


8 - LIVE Weekly Calls  W/Astraya - 3 Hours Approx

LIVE Divine Feminine Activations & Tantric Pleasure Practices

Printable Sorceress Guidebook - Including Feminine Orgasmic Rituals,  Pleasure Prayers, DF Invocations & Channelings & Transmisisons

Sistar Accountability, Empowerment & Support




In this module you will learn how to listen from Divine Feminine Embodiment so you can remember, feel and envision from the divine feminine wise sorceress within you. You will uncover your spiritual gifts & unique Feminine birthright. You will learn the energetic principles of Divine Feminine embodiment that will open you as a creative channel of source energy to oracular, co-create and birth anything you desire, in alignment with the highest source of creation.


Inside The Course...


In this module we will surrender deep into the dark mysteries and fertility of the womb space to consciously embrace death as a sacred rebirth. This will be held in a sacred, safe, ceremonial way. You will be held safely to unravel, shed and un-become limiting beliefs, shackles, wounded feminine imprints, patriarchal and ancestral programming that have kept you stuck and paralysed from fear, shame, deep hurt and suffering. We will clear energetic scarring and patterns in your body so you can become a clear, receptive open channel for source to flow through you and open you to the magickal content ahead.



In this module we will uncover energetic, emotional, and childhood trauma in relationship and bonding patterns around whom you associate as Mother. The Mother Wound is the most 'vulnerable and fragile' of the Feminine Wounds here on Earth, even for men this is a sensitive deep wound; primarily because our first memory of existence in this dimension, is upon our arrival, through the birthing canal of the Womb. The mother wound is absolutely necessary for reclaiming the wounded aspects of the divine feminine. When we recognise where our wounds of belonging come from, we can heal decades of unresolved trauma stored in the body. 



In this module you will discover deep awareness of your unique gifts and magick, via the exploration of your inner  star-child blueprint. You will enter an imaginarium portal (dream-scape). We will  surrender adult/control conditioning, and give our inner-child permission to lead us. You will rebuild trust and renew faith with the wonder, awe and magick of your dreams so that you can dream with courage and limitless abundance. We will weave alchemical art, dance and play, to create your own star-child map, whilst weaving your sorceress gifts through divine feminine reclamation.



In this module you will learn how to open and receive pleasure, and identify with feminine energetic gateways inside your body, such as your sacral chakra, your yoni and womb portal. This is a deeply powerful sexual, healing activation. You will heal desensitisation and awaken feminine sensuality in your body, and learn how to channel your sexual energy, from a self-sourced place, versus a leaky energetic space. We will weave several Divine Feminine Embodiment practices, including Yoni Breathing, the Jade-Egg, Cacao Blessing, Erotic Touch & Pleasure Prayer Ritual.



In this module you will learn embodiment tools and intuitive structure based on your moon cycle and feminine design. You will learn how your menses mirror energetic codes of the moon, elements and seasons. You will receive a guided moon map and sacred blood ritual blessing to nourish and support your physical, emotional and energetic feminine wellbeing and health. You will receive 4 activations via 4 Sorceress Archetypes to empower and flow from feminine self-sourcing versus masculine out-sourcing. Feel pleasure, radiance and vitality via integrating and honouring your intuitive cycle and liberated womb as the sorcery of your foundation.



In this module, we will work with the wild and primal mysterious feminine  to reclaim suppressed and shamed aspects buried within our shadows - the dark feminine (also known as the persecution/witch wound) which are aspects of the feminine that have been indoctrinated, feared, silenced and shamed for centuries. We will dive into the underworld to gather the lost and fragmented elements of whom we are - wild, witchy and wise. We will return whole and holy and empowered versus enslaved and sinned from the desecration of unresolved sick and distorted torture and abuse that the feminine has been succumbed to withstand for decades.



Welcome to infinity, the power of 8, here we stand strong, we have come so far on our journey, having risen from the underworld, embracing the light and the dark - integrated with each other. From this place of emotionally aware intelligence, we now seal and infuse integrity with sovereignty.  Here you will re-claim sovereign boundaries around your yes and no and awaken your authentic voice. You will write a vow of commitment that declares sacred responsibility in how you wield and weave this sorceress energy you have now cultivated.  You will receive a FRE-QUEEN-CY map encoded of self-worth, self-love, self-integrity. Welcome to the anointing crown of your sorceress sovereignty.



A Sorceress is devoted to re-uniting her inner feminine with her inner masculine polarities, because she knows sacred union seeds the divine fountain of life. There is no Other Love outside of You Than the union you create with the divine. and we cannot create outer-harmony without embodying inner-harmony. We will use mirror work, alchemical embodiment and anchor with a sacred marriage ceremony. Having merged our divine feminine and divine masculine, we are more aware to resolve patriarchal patterns that have told us success is only achieved through masculine energy alone. I am here to invite you to see through a new lens, that expands beyond exhaustion and depletion, and shifts you from disconnection to integration, love, warmth and radiance. Welcome home beloved! You just met yourself in his and her full entirety. 


this is more than magnetising the life you desire, This is about reclaiming your feminine birthright & digging up decades of unresolved trauma!

learn feminine energetic principles to channel your  orgasmic manifestation power!

embrace your magick?

 So beloved sistars, what you see in this pic above is a re-born wounded healer, self-initiatory, planetary priestess, golden age leader. On mission to dismantle and de-armour the defensive walls, that millions of women have been succumbed to suppress themselves to, leaving them aching and numb from the waist down. This is due to centuries of ancestral pain and obscured, patriarchal trauma, which has widely impacted not just women, men too. This is our deep, inner work, we have lots to unpack collectively, are you ready for the journey?

If your reading these words, I know your here because your soul heard the call because at essence you carry divine feminine codes destined for activation in conscious connection to the earth and your body of femininity. If your feminine is tired of the matrix and agendas, and your ready to re-wild and return to the natural cycles and rhythms of your womb, earth and moon to create a new paradigm rooted in union and love, sovereignty and liberation, pleasure and radiance: the Sorceress is here to lead you back home to the source of your mystical feminine intelligence.

  I'm here to empower a divine feminine energetic design that nurtures your emotions and undulating nature in re-union with the natural, universal feminine laws.

Welcome to a sacred temple of conscious women who are ready to explore the multi-dimensional depths of her divine femininity, from spirit to the physical form.

There is no turning back once you awaken to the full potentiality of your magnetic feminine beauty and sovereign worth.

I was never always this embodied in my feminine, yet my dharma pulled me on a wild adventure of feminine rapture and had me clinch my claws and teeth into quite the opposite of what you might imagine what this journey entails.

For the contrary, the feminine is not all love and light, she is way more raw and inclusive: she peels back all your superficial masks and bares your soul of buried pain, ancestral grief, and every mourning shadow you have run from.

She leads you down a darkened forest path and strips you down to your wild, primal nature with a fierce, fiery love. The feminine showed me to drop being perfect and having it all figured out, from being in my head of too much and too little, and liberating me from the shame I carried for crawling myself into my womb hole every month when the world felt like a dense, concrete game and circus act.

She reassured me, it was okay to fall to my knees in a spiral downward and meet the lump in my throat and pressure in my chest from my mother and witch wound. She reminded me it was safe and I could stop running from my fears of death, being mis-understood and being casted out from community. She lead me back into my body, until I trusted my vulnerability with my life. She struck my life like thunder, and just when I thought I was finding my feet, she burned me back to ashes until all that remained of me, was the wings on my back and the song in my heart pounding to share her untethered message with the world.


I am so honored and grateful to have been part of the The Sorceress class taught by the Beautiful, Magickal, Divine Feminine Goddess Astraya. This class really helped me awaken the divine feminine in myself that I have hid, not fully allowed myself to express, or truly connect with. This class came at a divine time in my life when I was able and open to this path and process more than I have ever been. I highly recommend this class and Astraya's teachings to connect with your spirit, your divine feminine birthright, and to guide you on your journey. The class has so many beautiful rituals that help open the heart and the divine feminine. I am blessed to have met so many like minded women on a similar journey that felt like I have known for lifetimes. I highly recommend Astraya's teachings to all women looking to open up to the divine feminine. This class has been a rebirth for me to evolve into who I was meant to be. Thank you with all my heart! 
All My Love,


What are they saying...


"I have completed the Scorceress course with Astraya, and it was nothing short of amazing, unique and very empowering. I admit to being a bit reluctant initially as I didn't know if it would truly benefit me in any way, but I'm so grateful my intuitive notion told me to dive in! It was interesting and unique, and that's putting it mildly. We discussed so many things about femininity, womanhood, our power, relationship with ourselves and how it impacts. Covering a multiple range of topics that Astraya meticulously put together in modules; topics ranging from our inner child to our bodies and sexual pleasure, among others. These are all things of life that we-as women- need to be in tune with and she encouraged us that we should own what we have and never be ashamed; and how all of our experiences of life, positive, negative, and everything in between shapes us. During our calls we had such awakening discussions and we were vulnerable and open, something else we shouldn't be ashamed to show. It was a safe space for me to share. We did some sacred activities and dance as well which made it fun and spicy. 
This course empowered me and I have internally come out of my shell to really feel much more in tune with my emotions, body, heart and mind, with a great sense of connection. Astraya was a fantastic Leader and very compassionate and kind, allowing all of us to be involved and you could feel her passion immensely, which made the difference. It was certainly one of the best investments I've ever made!"
All My Love,


What are they saying...

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imagine waking up to a life designed & supported by the feminine everyday 

It is from the fire of my integrity that I share these ancient practices from my own real life journey.

Here is to you feeling orgasmic as ***k  
Bye Bye Old Patriarch Paradigm

 I've created a deep, raw,  fleshy IN THE BODY TRANSFORMATIONAL journey that SINGS to the natural, cyclical, wild rhythms of your femininity.

Astraya xo

Welcome to your pleasure temple of magnetism, magick & mystery.

With Love & Devotion,