Angelic Priestess Oracle

With Your Permission, I Will Connect And Communicate With Your Personal Guides And Take You On A Soul Retrieval Journey Through The Subtle Realms And Higher Dimensions, For The Awakening Higher Path And Purpose Of Your Destiny. 

You Will Have A Chance To Share Your Personal Questions, Concerns, And Desires, Which Will Be Answered In The Highest And Safest Loving Manner That Provides Illumination, Heightened Clarity, Understanding And Empowering Wisdom.

How I Channel? 

I Am An Intuitive Channel, Using The Gifts Of Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience. I Predominately Work Archangels, Ascended Masters And Cosmic Beings Of Light. With The Help Of These Light Beings We Council Together As A Family Of Light To Oversee The Contract That Your Soul Is Ready To Address And Heal At This Time In Your Journey. 

What Can Be Revealed? 

We Will Uncover Blocks, Limitations, Ancestral Karma And All That Is Consciously And Unconsciously Hindering And Limiting Your Past, Present And Future In Relation To Your Ascension Progress And Soul’s Evolution.

Once You Purchase, An Email Will Be Sent To You And We Will Schedule Your Appointment That Is Most Convenient For Us Both.

It Is Honor To Be Of Service And Channel Your Highest Expression Sistar.

With Magick Astraya xo

The Invitation...

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